Fort Smith, Arkansas

Sierra 3 1 Day Carbine Training July 13th, 2013 out this brochure for full details!

Sierra 3 Group is now offering Classes in a 1 day format to accommodate those with a busy schedule that cannot dedicate a full weekend to training. The standard classes are two 9 to 10 hour days, and ammunition requirements near 1000 rounds. Under this new program you will be able to receive the same (Basic) fundamentals training in a relaxed 1 Day format!

Course: Carbine Fundamentals

Date: 07/13/2013
Course duration: 1 Day 0730 to 1600 (4:00 P.M.)
Course Location: Old Fort Gun Club Barling Arkansas (300 Yard Range)
Course Topics:
1. 4 Firearms Safety Rules
2. Nomenclature Care and Maintenance
3. Ammunition Selection
4. Pre-Test
5. Proper Loading / Press Checking / Un-Loading
6. Fundamentals of Marksmanship (Stance and basic positions, Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Breathing, Trigger Control and Follow Thru)
7. Malfunction Clearances (Phase 1 and 2)
8. Post Test

Current Range Status

RIVER RANGE: The River Range will be closed to all activity from Tuesday evening, June 13, through Sunday afternoon, June 18. The Old Fort Gun Club is hosting the USPSA Arkansas Handgun Championship match at the River Range, with approximately 225 folks on the Range during that time. The Alma Range is open to shooting during this time. The Board of Directors appreciates you understanding of these important matches to promote the OFGC.