Fort Smith, Arkansas

River Range Bays 1-7 Closed for 1-2 weeks


Please, take notice of this and help out all members!


Pistol Bays 1 to 7 have been scraped and the back berms raised.  This has resulted in all the sod being taken off the sides and ends of these Bays.

Volunteers have seeded the back part of Bays 1 to 7, but time is needed to allow the grass seed to take hold and grow.

Until further notice, PLEASE do not use pistol Bays 1 to 7.

OK, so you think that you are an exception, and that one person using the Bays won’t hurt.  If everyone thinks like you, then the grass won’t grow, and the Club has to buy more seed, and start over again.  Be considerate.  You are not the only member of this Club.

Please, cooperate with this temporary closure of these bays.  Only a week or two.  There are plenty of other bays available.  If you are using one of these bays during this time, you will be asked to leave the Range.

Check the website at for updates.