Fort Smith, Arkansas

Range Improvements Sep 2011

Range update:

We now have 8 concrete shooting benches on the 300 yard range and 6 on the Bay 7(50 yard range). Now several shooter can shoot down range at the same time. I will be making some shooting stools and installing them in a couple of weeks. There are some chairs around that can be used. Big thanks to Gerald Crawford for the blocks and forms and to the OFGC Board of Directors. A major improvement for both areas.

Friday we have replaced several target frames in the pistols bays. We noticed that all the target frames has been shoot up and more needed to be replaced. If this keeps up the BOD just might remove all the targets and stands from the bays. If they do that all shooters must bring their own targets and stands to the range. If a shooter cannot hit the target and hits the target frame please adjust your sights or move closer to the target.

We have a great range Please lets keep it that way.
If you see anyone shooting something that is not approved target or being unsafe please report it to the BOD’s.