Fort Smith, Arkansas

Range Improvements and Cowboy Action SASS

More range improvements, We have made Shooting Bay #7 a 50 yard bay, We have extended the berms. Concrete pad with post should be done with in the next week weather permitting. Tops should be done by end of October.

Cowboy Action SASS has taken off with a BANG. More shooters are coming out. We have extended their back berm for future props.

On the 300 yard range we will be extending that shooting cover all about 48 feet and will be install concrete shooting benches.You have to drive around the berm to get to the 300 yard range.

After the first of the year we are going to redo all the roads at the River range. The money and the weather is the big factors why we could not get it done as soon as we wanted.

Still waiting on the .22 action people to give us plans what they want on the 100 yard range.

Current Range Status

RIVER RANGE: The River Range will be closed to all activity from Tuesday evening, June 13, through Sunday afternoon, June 18. The Old Fort Gun Club is hosting the USPSA Arkansas Handgun Championship match at the River Range, with approximately 225 folks on the Range during that time. The Alma Range is open to shooting during this time. The Board of Directors appreciates you understanding of these important matches to promote the OFGC.