Fort Smith, Arkansas

Trap Shoot

First Trap Shoot



In trap, the shooting is done from five adjacent positions in a crescent-shaped formation 16 or more yards behind the “trap.” When directed by the range master, the shooter on position #1 loads ONE shell. The shooter on position #1 when ready says “pull.” A target is launched and #1 shoots. Now the shooter on position #2 loads a shell and when ready says “pull.” Position #3 is next. Shooting continues in rotation until each shooter has fired 5 shots from that position. Each shooter then rotates one position to the right. Shooting continues in rotation until each shooter has fired 5 shots from each of the 5 positions. For a total of 25 shots.

There is one target throwing machine located in the middle front of the range. Targets are 4 ½ inch round clay disk. The machine oscillates, which may result in targets being ejected at a 44-degree angle left or right from the target house, or anywhere in between.

The targets are typically 30-40 yards downrange when hit. Most often, 12-gage shotguns are used with shells of 7.5 or 8 shot.

Trap shooting’s continual growth and expanding popularity is due to the fact that people of all ages, incomes and abilities can compete. Shooters as young as 9 shoot alongside mature shooters who have been shooting for 60+ years. This sport is enjoyed by both male and female shooters from all walks of life. Trap shooting is a sport which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Match Safety Rules:

  1. No guns shall be loaded until the shooter is on the shooting station. “Loading” is putting any part of a loaded shell in any part of the gun.
  2. We are shooting at single targets, only load ONE shell in to the gun.
  3. The gun shall be unloaded before leaving the station or changing stations.
  4. When not on station, carry your gun with the breach open. Pump and autoloaders will have their bolts open. Fixed breach guns will be broken open.
  5. Eye and ear protection is required.
  6. The muzzle should always be pointed in a safe direction.


Held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Alma Range facility, starting at 9:30AM and on the 4th Saturday of each month at the Alma Range facility, starting at 1pm

Trap shooting is a fun sport for the whole family!!  Come out and join us!

Cost is $6 per round and a round consists of 25 shots.

Current Range Status

RIVER RANGE: The River Range will be closed to all activity from Tuesday evening, June 13, through Sunday afternoon, June 18. The Old Fort Gun Club is hosting the USPSA Arkansas Handgun Championship match at the River Range, with approximately 225 folks on the Range during that time. The Alma Range is open to shooting during this time. The Board of Directors appreciates you understanding of these important matches to promote the OFGC.