Fort Smith, Arkansas

2016 Match Results

Saturday was a great day to shoot with mostly sunny skies and temperatures approaching 60 degrees. Sunday wasn’t too bad either, a little cooler, cloudy and a little more breeze … but, all in all, not too bad for the middle of winter. Naildriver was the top shooter with a clean match. Belle Vaquero, Black River Jack, Ambler, Spitoon Paul and Texas Pepper also shot the six stages clean. On Sunday, CS Brady was the top shooter and a clean match. Belle Vaquero and Ambler joined him with clean matches.

SASS Results Saturday Dec 31, 2016

SASS Results Sunday Jan 1, 2017

It was a cold Saturday morning as the edge of Winter Storm Decima edged into the Fort Smith Area. Nevertheless, we had a great time and lots of fun as we tried to stay warm. Sunday shoot was canceled with forecast temps in low teens. We welcomed two new shooters, Hanna Scott and Kristina Striplin … watch out guys, these “Three Gun” and “.22 Extreme” shooters are gonna be tough once they get the hang of our style of shooting.

CS Brady was the top shooter on these challenging stages … no one shot clean. In fact, on one stage 50% of the shooters earned Procedurals 🙂

SASS Results Saturday Dec 17, 2016

Finally we broke the recent heat spell and had the cooler weather that is normal for November. With temperatures in the mid 50s, sunny and little wind, it was nearly perfect. We had twenty three shooters on Saturday and eleven on Sunday. Billy Broncstomper again set high standards with the fastest time on Sunday with clean matches on both days. CS Brady really was hot on Sunday with a scorching hot time and he also shot clean both days. Holy Smoke Harmon, Spitoon Paul and Bad Luck also shot clean on Saturday with Ambler and Spitoon Paul shooting clean on Sunday … no misses and no procedurals. In addition to the shoot, Naildriver provided a great hot dog and elk venison lunch. Also, we contributed quite a lot of food for the Cavenaugh Baptist Church Food Drive.

SASS Results Saturday Nov 19, 2016

SASS Results Sunday Nov 20, 2016

For October, this was nearly perfect weather for our monthly match. Temperatures were in the upper 70s to lower 80s with a slight breeze. This was also the opening day of deer season for muzzle loaders, so we probably lost a few shooters to the woods. We had twenty shooters on Saturday and twelve on Sunday. Billy Broncstomper must have really liked the weather, because he shot the fastest times on both with clean matches on both days. Cowpolk was also clean on Saturday. On Sunday, Ambler and Trail Agent also shot clean matches … no misses and no procedurals.

SASS Results Saturday Oct 15, 2016

SASS Results Sunday Oct 16, 2016

Although the weather was nearly perfect this weekend, our attendance was down due to a conflict with the Oklahoma State Championship, Ruckus in the Nation. Nevertheless, we still had nine shooters on Saturday with Just Charlie taking top honors. Peddler Parsons shot the only clean match. On Sunday, Ambler was the top shooter with Jailbreak Jake the only clean shooter.

SASS Results Saturday Sep 17, 2016

SASS Results Sunday Sep 18, 2016

After several days of heavy rain, we finally got a break in the weather and the road was passable. On Sunday, the weather was perfect with partly sunny skies and mild temperatures in upper 70s, low 80s. On Saturday, Cowpolk was the top shooter. Billy Bronstomper came in second with a clean match on both days and the fastest shooter on Sunday. Spitoon Paul finally broke his long string of clean matches on Saturday, but got back on his game with a clean shoot on Sunday.

SASS Results Saturday Aug 20, 2016

SASS Results Sunday Aug 21, 2016

We had a good turnout for our “Fifth Weekend” shoot despite the heat. The weather did not stop CS Brady who placed first on both days with times of 104.2 and 105.10. He also shot a clean match, along with Billy Broncstomper, Spitoon Paul, Choctaw Silverwolf, Black River Jack and Peddler Parsons. On Sunday, only three shot clean matches. Congrats to Billy Broncstomper, Belle Vaquero and Kiamichi Queen.

SASS Results Saturday July 30, 2016

SASS Results Sunday July 31, 2016

As usual the temps were on the very warmish side. But, what else do you expect for Arkansas in July? Nevertheless, we had a good showing of shooters on Saturday. This was a special day, since it was the first shoot where the new Fort Smith stage was used. Billy Broncstomper was the fastest shooter with a time of 116.40 for six stages. Also shooting clean on Saturday was Holy Smoke Harmon, Cowpolk, Naildriver, Ambler, Spitoon Paul, Printer Doc and Long White Dog. On Sunday, CS Brady took top honors with a time of 106.52. Spitoon Paul continued his streak of clean matches along with Just Charlie.

SASS Results Saturday July 16, 2016

SASS Results Sunday July 17, 2016

This last weekend cooled off slightly to low 90s, but Judge Parkers Marshals were hot as they prepared for End of Trail … fast times and lots of clean matches. Billy Broncstomper (116.93) was the top shooter on Saturday with a clean match. Also, shooting clean was Stumpman, Spitoon Paul, Just Charlie, Calloway, Belle Vaquero and Black River Jack. On Sunday, CS Brady (111.82) was the top shooter with a clean match. Naildriver and Spitoon Paul also shot clean.

SASS Results Saturday June 18, 2016

SASS Results Sunday June 19, 2016

The weather was perfect for our shoot in May. The morning started off a little foggy and cool with temps around 58, but it quickly warmed up into the lower 70s. After the 3rd stage, we also got a little welcome breeze to help our black-powder shooters. CS Brady was our top shooter with a time of 106.91. Billy Broncstomper, Outrider and Spitoon Paul shot clean matches. On Sunday, the weather was nearly perfect. It was sunny and a little warmer, but the gentle breeze kept us all cool. Billy Broncstomper was the top shooter with Spitoon Paul shooting a clean match two days in a row. Ambler and Low Gap Kid also shot clean matches.

SASS Results Saturday May 21, 2016

SASS Results Sunday May 22, 2016

For our Fifth Saturday shoot, the storms in the area just a few hours earlier did not deter sixteen hardy cowboys and cowgirls. Billy Broncstomper was top shooter with a time of 106.57. He also shot a clean match as did Willie Mescal and Belle Vaquero.

SASS Results Saturday Apr 30, 2016

SASS Results Sunday May 1, 2016

April brought the mild weather we always want. It was overcast, but in upper 60s and lower 70s for both days of shooting … it couldn’t have been more pleasant. Naildriver decided to write stages unlike those we normally shoot. Several had six shotgun targets and began with the shotgun. We also had swinging targets and the moving mine cart. All in all, it was quite a challenge with only two people shooting a clean match on Saturday. Perhaps a little practice helped, because we had four clean shooters on Sunday … but only half the number of shooters. Naildriver and Blackriver Jack were the Saturday clean shooters, with Billy Broncstomper, CS Brady, Geezer and Spitton Paul cleaning up on Sunday. Our top shooter on Saturday was Billy Broncstomper with CS Brady giving us all a lesson on Sunday.

SASS Results Saturday Apr 16, 2016

SASS Result Sunday Apr 17, 2016

Hell on the Border 2016 is now in the books as the most successful to date. We had nearly 150 shooters competing in the Arkansas State Wild Bunch Championship, regular Cowboy Action Shooting and side-match events. The weather was typical for March … it was variable. On the first day of the Wild Bunch shooting and side-matches it was cold and rainy. The second day was dry and cool, actually quite pleasant. However, on the third day for the Wild Bunch competition, the temperature dropped and the winds began to howl. But … then they wouldn’t be wild, if they were not tough!!! Actually, the variable temps made the shooters a little less serious and all had a lot of fun. Posted below are the scores and the list of the clean shooters.

Wild Bunch by Category Mar 20, 2016

Wild Bunch by Rank Mar 20, 2016

Hell on the Border by Category Mar 19, 2016

Hell on the Border by Rank Mar 19, 2016

Hell on the Border Clean Shooters Mar 19, 2016

Saturday and Sunday were great days for Cowboy Shooting. We had 37 shooters on Saturday and 17 on Sunday. Billy Broncstomper was the top shooter on both days AND he shot clean matches on both days. Bad Luck, Belle Vaquero, Black River Jack, Cajun, Geezer, Highway Man, Long White Dog, Mustang Toni, Quick Trigger, Stump Man and Trail Agent also shot clean matches on Saturday. Then on Sunday Belle Vaquera and Trail Agent continued with their second day of clean shooting.

SASS Results Saturday Feb 20, 2016

SASS Results Sunday Feb 21, 2016

We had perfect weather for our fifth weekend shoot. Both Saturday and Sunday were in the low 70s and sunny. Sunday was little windier, but that was great for black powder shooters. I have the scores for Saturday and will post the scores for Sunday if they become available. Don’t forget to sign-up for “Hell on the Border” … it is only about seven weeks away.

SASS Results Saturday Jan 30, 2016

SASS Results Sunday Jan 31, 2016

On Saturday, it was cold (upper 30s) but not too windy and we had a pretty good showing of the tougher cowboys and cowgirls. 24 shooters attended on Saturday. We also had a good showing on Sunday, theday was sunny and a little warmer, so I guess the prospects of colder weather brought out the need to do a little “clang & bang.” In addition, the prospects of our upcoming Hell on the Border may have enticed a few to get in a little practice. CS Brady was the top shooter on both days. He also shot a clean match on Saturday as did Spitoon Paul.

SASS Results Saturday Jan 16, 2016

SASS Results Sunday Jan 17, 2016

































Current Range Status

RIVER RANGE: The River Range will be closed to all activity from Tuesday evening, June 13, through Sunday afternoon, June 18. The Old Fort Gun Club is hosting the USPSA Arkansas Handgun Championship match at the River Range, with approximately 225 folks on the Range during that time. The Alma Range is open to shooting during this time. The Board of Directors appreciates you understanding of these important matches to promote the OFGC.