Fort Smith, Arkansas

2014 Match Results


For a day in December, the weather wasn’t too bad. It was a little chilly, but temperatures in the 40s are tolerable for any cowboy worth his/her salt. Holy Smoke Harmon was the fastest shooter. Bar Bear, Fast Fingers, Geezer, Mason Jar and Shalako all shot clean matches with no procedurals. Apparently they didn’t let the thoughts of the Christmas Party blur their sights.

SASS Results Saturday Dec 20, 2014

SASS Results Saturday Dec 21, 2014

This weekend separated the real cowboys from the “wanabees.” The temperature hovered in the mid 30s with over-cast skies and a brisk breeze. Nevertheless, we had 18 brave souls on Saturday and seven on Sunday show up to brave the elements. As the pictures show, they were bundled up warm and smiling … the pit fire was a welcome gathering place. Sunday was not as bad, but still very chilly. The cold did not stop C.S. Brady from blazing through the stages on both days to post the overall best scores. However, the cold must have had some effect because there was not a single clean match on either day.

SASS Results Saturday Nov 15, 2014

SASS Results Sunday Nov 16, 2014

This weekend was nearly perfect for shooting … we had only a few clouds and temps were in the low 80s. Our turnout was reduced due to competing state championship matches in Oklahoma and Tennessee, but those who shot had a great time. Snake Oil George was our top shooter on Saturday. On Sunday, some our shooters returned from Oklahoma. Naildriver was the top shooter and only one on Sunday with a clean match.

The Arkansas State Championship was held over Labor Day weekend. Congratulations to C.S. for being overall top shooter and overall Champion. We had many others who won their category … congrats to all.

SASS Results Saturday Sep 20, 2014

SASS Results Sunday Sep 21, 2014

For mid August, the weather was nearly perfect. Temps were in the upper 80s with a light breeze and slightly overcast.   Holy Smoke Harmon was the top shooter with Low Gap Kid and Long White Dog shooting clean matches.

On Sunday, the temperature was a little warmer than Saturday. In any case, CS Brady turned up the  with the best scores, but no one shot clean.

Don’t forget Shootin’ in the Shade, the Arkansas State Championship, coming up at the end of the month. There may still be a few spots left? See details at end of newsletter.

SASS Results Saturday Aug 16, 2014

SASS Results Sunday Aug 17, 2014

We are definitely in summer with scorching temps, high humidity and chances of severe thunderstorms. But, that did not stop 41 cowboys and cowgirls from showing up at the Judge Parker’s for a fun day of shooting and comradery. Naildriver was the top shooter and a clean matches. Scott Wayne, Holy Smoke Harmon and Black River Jack also shot every stage clean.
On Sunday, the temperature was about the same as Saturday. In any case, CS Brady turned up the heat with the best scores with Ambler being the only one to shoot a clean match.

The first day of summer was definitely a scorcher. The temps were in the low 90s with high humidity. But, that did not stop 34 cowboys and cowgirls from showing up at Judge Parker’s gunfight to rid the country of dasterdley villains. CS Brady was the top shooter and we saw clean matches from Cow Polk, Trail Agent, Peddler Parsons and Bad Luck. In addition to a successful gunfight, we welcomed two new shooters – Cast Bullet and Stony Point. We also hope they had a great time and look forward to seeing them at future shoots.

On Sunday, the temperature was about the same as Saturday … maybe a little hotter. In any case, Ain’t Dunnit turned up the heat with the best scores. Stumpman, Spitoon Paul and Gunny Buckshot shot clean matches.

SASS Results Saturday June 21, 2014

SASS Results Sunday June 22, 2014

Saturday was a little chilly with overcast skies and a stiff breeze 0 just the thing needed for black powder shooters. Sunday was nicer with temps in the much warmer. We had 30 shooters on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. CS Brady was top shooter on both days. CS Brady, Long White Dog and Trooper Dick had clean matches on Saturday. Trail Agent and Calloway shot clean on Sunday.

SASS Results Saturday May 17, 2014

SASS Results Sunday May 18, 2014

The day before Easter was perfect for a fun day of Cowboy Shooting … sunny with temperatures in the mid-70s. The stages were setup like Land Run and were fast and furious. We had four clean shooters: Itasca Bill, Long White Dog, Low Gap Kid and Spitton Paul. Naildriver was the overall top shooter.

We also welcomed two visitors from northern Minnesota … Itasca Bill and his lovely wife Anita Nugun. Many of us look forward to seeing them again at Land Run this next week.

SASS Results Saturday Apr 19, 2014

SASS Results by Category Saturday Apr 19, 2014

Hell on the Border

The second annual “Hell on the Border” was a great success with 115 shooters signing up for the Single Action Shooting and 15 signing up for the State Wild Bunch Championship. The first two day’s weather was nearly perfect with temps in the mid to upper 60s. However, the heavy rains did dampen the turnout for the second half of the Wild Bunch competition on Sunday. The newsletter will have more details and pictures of the shoot.

SASS Detailed Results Saturday Mar 15, 2014

SASS Results by Category Saturday Mar 15, 2014

Wild Bunch Results March 16, 2014

The weather finally broke for a nice a weekend of shooting. We had 41 shooters on Saturday and eleven on Sunday. CS Brady was the top shooter on Saturday and Naildriver earned the honors on Sunday. CS Brady, Holy Smoke Harmon, Ambler, Trail Agent and Texas Pepper shot clean matches on Saturday. Only Just Charlie was clean on Sunday.

SASS Saturday Feb 15, 2014

SASS Sunday Feb 16, 2014

January started with a good showing at our first shoot of the year. C.S. Brady was the top shooter with a total time of 136.79 for six stages. Holy Smoke Harmon, KD Still, Just Charlie, Peddler Parsons and Cow Cook all shot clean matches.

SASS Saturday Jan 18, 2014