Fort Smith, Arkansas

2013 Match Results


Saturday’s shoot was canceled due to the steady and sometimes heavy rains. The front blew through during the night and Sunday was dry with temps around 35, medium wind (10-15mph) and overcast. You can imagine it was quite cold. However, we did have eight hardy soles brave the elements in order to shoot. Naildriver took top honors as top shooter. Texas Pepper and Low Gap Kid did their best in the cold by shooting clean matches.

SASS Sunday Dec 22, 2013

Fortunately Saturday’s threat of rain held off until the afternoon and 27 shooters had a great time. Sunday’s weather was also good with nine shooters enjoying the day. Ambler was top shooter on both days. Spitoon Paul shot clean on both days with Ambler and Long White Dog also clean on Saturday. We had two new lady shooters (Pearl H. Princess and Irish Daisy, new spouse of Outrider). Both did very well and looking forward to their return.

SASS Saturday Nov 16, 2013

SASS Sunday Nov 17, 2013

Saturday and Sunday in October was a little cool, but 26 shooters had a great time on Saturday with eleven returning on Sunday. Holy Smoke Harmon took top honors on Saturday with CS Brady outshooting all on Sunday. We had two new shooters, Browncoat Annie and Slow Motion, who did very well on their first match. A big cowboy “heeyaw” goes out to both. Holy Smoke Harmon, Spitoon Paul and Texas Pepper shot clean matches.

SASS Saturday October, 2013

SASS Sunday October, 2013

This summer has been busy. Miss Laura’s is nearly finished and Cowboys are enjoying the new stages and look. The following are the scores for August and September.

SASS Saturday August, 2013

SASS Sunday August, 2013

SASS Saturday September, 2013

SASS Sunday September, 2013

Our first ever annual match, Hell on the Border, was a great success. Shooters commented the stages were fun and the match was well organized. There was some rain but that did not dampen spirits nor detract from the fun.

Prestidigitator was the overall top shooter with four shooters shooting all stages clean. They were Black River Jack, Ozark Captain, Spitoon Paul and Wild Big Bill.

Hell on the Border, Overall by Rank

Hell on Border, Category by Rank

Hell on Border, Clean Shooters

Saturday and Sunday were both great days for Cowboy Action Shooting. Miss Laura’s was used for the first time and all had a good time.

SASS Saturday June, 2013

SASS Sunday June, 2013

Saturday & Sunday were both perfect days with sunny skies, temperatures in low 70s and light winds.  Naildriver was the top shooter on Saturday. Only four shooters came out on Sunday. That was a “fun shoot” with no scores kept.

SASS Saturday May 18, 2013

Saturday and Sunday were two great days for cowboys and cowgirls to enjoy another great day of shooting. Twenty nine (29) shooters banged away on Saturday with Naildriver taking top honors. Bad Luck, Naildriver, Mustang Moore and Snake Oil George all shot clean matches. Twelve (12) more came back on Sunday with Ambler being the top shooter for the day.

SASS Saturday Apr 20, 2013

SASS Sunday Apr 21, 2013

Saturday was a perfect day with sunny skies, temperatures near 80 degrees and very little wind. Thirty four (34) shooters enjoyed the day. Sunday, on the other, was miserable with temps in the low 50s, light wind and wind. Only eight brave souls braved the elements, fought through equipment malfunctions and bone-chilling weather. Cowpolk was the top shooter on Saturday and CS Brady was the top shooter on Sunday. Black River Jack, Cowpolk, Mo Brian, Riphawk, Snake Oil George, Texas Pepper and Wild Hog Willy all shot clean matches on Saturday. Spitton Paul was the only one to shoot all stages clean on Sunday.

SASS Saturday Mar 16, 2013

SASS Sunday Mar 17, 2013

Another great day for shooting with 16 shooters on Saturday and 18 shooters on Sunday … welcome to the shooters from other clubs in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. C.S. Brady was really on the sights with the top score for both days … Congrats!!!

SASS Saturday Feb 16, 2013

SASS Saturday Feb 17, 2013

The weather for mid-January was nearly perfect — 65 degrees and sunny. Forty six shooters showed up to enjoy the great shooting and weather. Creek County Kid was the overall top shooter.

SASS Saturday January 19, 2013

SASS Saturday January 20, 2013


We were lucky to have two great days in December to shoot. Temperatures in the mid-60s made for perfect Cowboy shooting. On Saturday we had 34 shooters with 17 on Sunday. Naildriver was the top shooter on Saturday and C.S. Brady took the honors on Sunday. We had three “Clean Match” Shooters … Just Charlie, Rat Killer and Low Gap Kid.

SASS Saturday December 15 2012

SASS Sunday December 16 2012

November’s match had wonderful weather with the days sunny and the temps around 60 — perfect cowboy weather. On Saturday we had 33 shooters and ten shooters on Sunday. Even though the stages were challenging and everyone had to think, we still had four “Clean Match” shooters … C.S. Brady, Holy Smoke Harmon, Long White Dog and Peddler Parsons.

SASS Saturday November 17 2012

SASS Sunday November 18 2012

October’s match was another great one at Old Fort Gun Club. With 29 shooters on Saturday, including 5 great ladies that drove in from Oklahoma City and 17 shooters on Sunday.  Everyone had a great time and it was our first match to score with the ACES application.

SASS Saturday October 19 2012

SASS Sunday October 20 2012

September 15 & 16 looked like the weather may cause concern, but the rains held off and all had a great time. On Saturday we had 18 shooters with Holy Smoke Harmon taking top honors. On Sunday we had another 12 shooters with Naildriver showing everyone how to drive that nail will a bullet. The only “clean shooter” we had for either day was C.S. Brady who shot a clean match on Saturday. The following are the September scores: Please note the scores list Stages 1-6, but they are actually Stages 4-9.

Saturday Sept 15, 2012 SASS

Sunday Sept 16, 2012 SASS

The following are the scores for August.

SASS 8 18 2012_Saturday SASS 8 19 2012_Sunday Although the weather was hot, Judge Parker’s Marshals had a great shoot last weekend. We had 26 shooters on Saturday and ten on Sunday. Holy Smoke Harmon took top honors on Saturday and Naildriver really smoked on Sunday. Saturday Clean Shooters: Bad Luck, C.S. Brady, Holy Smoke Harmon & Long White Dog Sunday Clean Shooters: C.S. Brady, Naildriver & Texas Pepper The following are the scores from both days. Scores.2012.07.21 Scores.2012.07.22 Judge Parker’s Marshals had another great shoot with 34 shooters participating on Saturday. The following are the scores from June 16 & 17. We did not shoot Wild Bunch due to the heat. 12.06.16.Scores 12.06.17.Scores The Judge Parker’s Marshals were at it again this weekend and what a time they had!!!  Check out the attached scores for the Saturday, Sunday and Wild Bunch match’s from the Old Fort Gun Club SASS May 2012 Match. SASS 5 19 SASS Wild Bunch 5 19 SASS 5 20