Fort Smith, Arkansas

OFGC USPSA Double Classifier 2012

Sunday, July 15th,2012 is a DOUBLE SPECIAL CLASSIFIER match at OFGC.


Shoot two matches in one day at the River Range.  Five Classifiers in the morning, plus a long field stage.  Then take a break, and shoot the match in the afternoon again, same 5 Classifiers and the field stage.  You MUST shoot a different gun at the two matches, if you want to shoot twice.  Gets you 5 Classifier scores, with two different guns, on the same day.


Here’s how this deal works.

Note the EARLY START TIME.  Sunday morning sign in will be at 0830, shooters meeting at 0900.  Five Classifiers, plus a field course, 113 rounds minimum.


Take a short break and start the match all over again.  Use a different gun on the same stages, and re-shoot the whole match.  Second round of the match will probably start around noon.  That’s two matches on one day, 226 rounds minimum.

Get there early and shoot both matches, or get there later, and shoot only the second half of the match.

Cost of the match is adjusted for multiple match shooters.  The regular $15 for the first match.  Shoot both for only $25.


Classifiers will be 03-05, 99-46, 99-33, 99-13, 03-12 The fun stage has a lot of steel, and a lot of real quick movement.  Trust me, everyone except Kurt will like the stage.OFGC Logo


For new shooters, this is an opportunity to get classified in two different guns in only one day at the Range.  For Yuth and other Classifier Managers, an opportunity to use the high primer rounds off the loading bench dump bucket.


Look forward to seeing you next Sunday at OFGC.


Check out the photos from the days activities!!