Fort Smith, Arkansas

2013 Match Results


November 2013

Except for a little wind, the weather last Sunday at OFGC was wonderful for a match in mid-November.  Short sleeves were the uniform of the day.

Kelly eased out Yuth to take top honors for the entire match.  Looks like both had a little misplaced Classifier Management attempts.  They were neck-and-neck on all stages, except the Airplane.  Bad news, guys, Stage 5 was NOT the Classifier.  That was Stage 4!

Maybe we need a new ‘Official’ Start Command — “Are You Ready – This stage IS/IS NOT a Classifier — Stand By—”

In any event, it seemed to be a great match.

Much thanks goes to everyone who helped with teardown.  Three stage props had been up for several matches, and with all the help we were able to get them down and removed in record time.  The local hard core crew was off the range by mid afternoon, which means a lot.  Thanks for the help.

December 15 will be our next monthly match, and we have a couple of new, somewhat evil, targets coming.  In January, we will be shooting our annual Revo Friendly match.  Dust off and oil up the wheel gun, everything will be 6 round friendly in January.

Once again, thanks for all the help from everyone.  And Best Wishes for the upcoming Holiday Season.



November 17 2013 Practical Pistal Match

October 2013

Match results from OFGC yesterday are attached.

Thanks to Deb Pankratz for scoring the match.  She and Dale spent all last week at Production Nationals in Tulsa, set up and CRO, still made the results happen quickly.  Thanks, Deb.

Yuth seems determined to avoid GM Class.  I’ve not seen may Master Class shooters score Number 23 on the Classifier, but score High Over All in a match.  Yuth has a real talent for Classifier Management!  But, what the hell, we like him anyway  🙂  ‘He can be my wing man anytime.’

OK, for those who keep score, I used a little Classifier Management on Stage One.  I thought I had plenty of rounds for only six poppers.  Missed a couple, and ran out of bullets.  Wasn’t worth the reload for one small piece of steel.  But, I had fun at the match, and hope all of you feel the same way.  Safety First, then have fun, then score.

Enjoy it all you can.  A great sport.  I’m only 361 days from Super Senior!

October 21, 2013 PP match

August 2013

Match results are below.  Deb Pankratz is doing scoring now, and she is real efficient.

Billy Smith swept top honors, shooting his Glock 9mm in Limited Minor.  I thought about loading the CZ mags to top capacity, and shooting Limited Minor, like Billy.  Then I realized that Billy shoots mostly Alpha, same score as Major.  I shoot a lot of Charlie and Delta, so maybe I’ll stay where I am.

In any event, the match was fun, weather was great, and as always we appreciate the first time, and long time away, shooters.  All you all, come back and shoot again.

Thanks to all.


August 18 2013 PP Final scores

July 2013

Match results are attached.  A great match, with two full squads braving the afternoon heat to shoot a second time around.

Thanks to all who came out, and for tear down help.

July 2013 HG match scores

June 2013

I have not seen the Road this bad with standing water for several years.  Folks with large vehicles braved the water, others with more sense and small vehicles turned back.  Good choice on both counts.

With standing water in a couple of bays, we only shot 4 stages.  Worked out OK, and folks got home in time for Father’s Day programs.

Multi gun is June 30 at OFGC.  Details coming soon, but get your long guns ready.

Thanks to all.


June 16 2013 HG match

May 2013

May 19, 2013 HG match

March 2013

What a wonderful day at OFGC last Sunday.

I got to the Range at 0820, a blistering 60 degree, solid cloud cover. Cloud cover continued all day to help us avoid the sun. Fortunately, the light rain started soon, to maintain a conformable temp.  Light rain continued all day, and the temps eased down to around 46 degrees.  Wind from the Northeast at around 15 knots, gusts to 35 knots, kept the ‘skeeters and flies off the stages, and removed the plastic bags off the targets and over the berms to avoid collection later on.  What else could you ask for.

NOT — weather sucked.  Thanks to all who held on and helped with tear down.

Results are attached.  Yuth held out and took top honors, including the Classifier.  Someone failed to tell Yuth that Stage 1 was a Classifier.  Hope he doesn’t get pushed into GM because of this.

March 17, 2013 HG match

February 2013

By all reports, the match was a great success.  Notwithstanding his 7th place finish in the Classifier (DUH??), Yuth took overall honors at first place.  Billy Smith finished a close second overall, even shooting little bullets in his limited gun.  If Billy ever gets big boy major bullets, he could be a contender for first place. 🙂

Thanks to all who came out to shoot, and especially for the help with set up and tear down.

February 17, 2013 HG match results

January 2013

Great match on Sunday, with the Revo Man stars providing lots of entertainment.

Several new shooters, including Jay Mackey, Sr., from Tulsa, who finally came back to play guns with us.

Tough fight on all stages for first place.  Yuth and Jay, with their open guns, bounced back and forth between first and second place. Billy Smith, who shoots Production most of the time, gave them a real run for the money, shooting a new limited gun for the first time in a number of matches.

The Classifier was perhaps the telling point on the final standings.

Final match results showed Yuth on the top of the stack, with Jay getting close with second, and Billy Smith coming in third.

Someone tell me if Yuth and Jay are not the “Grand Masters” in Classifier Management.  Yuth took First Place Match Overall, yet came in Number 23, out of 44 shooters, in the Classifier.  Jay scored slightly above Youth on the Classifier, coming in at number 22 of 44 shooters, and was Second Place Overall in the match.

I got my old S&W wheel gun out of the back of the closet, brushed off the dust, and had a lot of fun.  Today it is back in the safe, waiting until next January for the next wheel gun match.

Regardless of anything else, it was a fun match last Sunday.  And fun is what this is all about.


January 2013 HG match