Fort Smith, Arkansas

Multi-Gun Match Scores December 2013


Yesterday’s Multi Gun match at Old Fort Gun Club saw 23 shooters brave the cold for a great match.  Results are attached.

Mark your calendar for more trigger time in January at OFGC.

Deb Pankratz and her MG crew plan another Multi gun match on Sunday, January 12.

The following Sunday, January 19, the Practical Pistol team will put on the annual Revolver Friendly match.  All stages will be six round neutral.  This is that once-a-year occasion when folks are encouraged to dig out the wheel gun, oil it up, and show everyone just how easy it is to botch a reload.  Personally, I use speed loaders rather than moon clips.  I have become quite adept at pulling away the plastic holder just in time to jerk two rounds back out of the cylinder and let them drop to the ground.

Details on both matches will be out soon.

Happy New Year to all.