Fort Smith, Arkansas

Multi-Gun Match August 2013 Details



Multi gun returns to OFGC River Range this Sunday, August 11.  Five stages, including a 3 Gun Nation Classifier.  Round count is: handgun, 53; Rifle, 42; Shotgun birdshot (7 1/2 or smaller, please), 40, Shotgun slugs, 4.  Stages are attached for your review.

NOTE EARLY START TIME:  Sign in will begin at 9:00 AM on Sunday, with shooters meeting at 9:30 AM.

A reminder about Classifiers for 3 Gun Nation.  The scores on these stages are reported to 3 Gun Nation for each shooters who is a member of that organization.  Membership is only $25 per year.  At the end of each year, a random drawing is held for a shotgun.  You must be a member of 3 Gun Nation to participate in the drawing.  One chance for each 3 GN Classifier shot at OFGC.  This is a separate drawing for Classifiers shot only at OFGC, not on a national basis.  If OFGC has 10 shooters who are members of 3 GN, only those 10 will be entered in a single drawing for the gun.  Pretty good odds!

Membership in 3 Gun Nation is available on line at

Hope to see you Sunday.

August 2013 MG stages