Fort Smith, Arkansas

Level 1 Handgun Training Course


Sierra 3 Group


Level 1 Handgun Training Course

On May 11th and 12th, Billy Smith and cadre of Sierra 3 Group will be holding a Level 1 Handgun training course at Old Fort Gun Club River Range in Fort Smith.  Billy has a 16+ year career as a firearms and defensive tactics instructor, primarily training Government and Law Enforcement in Rapid employment of small arms as well as custody and control.  His training experiences also include, military and civilian, British Royal Marine Commandos, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Special Forces, Naval Special Warfare (S.E.A.L).  This course is designed for competition shooters, as well as Concealed /Open carry people or anyone who wants to become more proficient, more comfortable, with a handgun for defensive purposes.  The course will cover Mental Mindset, basic and beyond basic gun handling. Including: Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Breathing, Trigger Control and Follow Thru. Additional manipulation fundamentals covered, Presentation, Re-Load series, immediate actions (clearing malfunctions), single and multiple target engagements.

Course description and requirements:

DATES: March 9 and 10 2013

LOCATION: Old Fort Gun Club, River Range, outside of Barling, Arkansas.

TIMES: Saturday sign in at 0730, the Saturday course will last until around 1700. Sunday, start at 0730, until around 1600 to 1700.

EQUIPMENT: Center fire handgun of your choice. Holster that covers the trigger guard. Three to four extra magazines or speed loaders.

AMMO: Plan on 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Billy can acquire popular handgun ammo for purchase at a very reasonable price, but you must order in advance of the course. He will have your ammo at the initial sign in.

OTHER STUFF: Eyes and Ears, hat, sun screen, additional seasonal items, Food, water and/or sports drinks. *I say again Food and Drink…we eat on the range!

COST: Billy is offering his courses for a mere $320 for the two day course.

CONTACT: Contact Billy at (918) 899-6343 or for more details and course registration.