Fort Smith, Arkansas

June USPSA/IPSC Match at the OFGC River Range

Fathers Day (Noun):  1.  the third Sunday in June, established in 1924 by proclamation of President Calvin Coolidge as a day for all fathers, all potential fathers, and all persons of either gender who had a father, to go to the Range and enjoy a Practical Pistol match. (Merriam-Webster, with perhaps a little editing)


To comply with Calvin’s directions, Old Fort Gun Club will hold their mandatory Practical Pistol match this next Sunday, on Father’s Day.  Sign in at 0930, shooters meeting at 1000, then the battle begins.  Six fun stages with a minimum round count of 170, including CM 08-02, Steeler Standards.


Join us on Sunday as we honor fathers everywhere with a great day on the Range.