Fort Smith, Arkansas

January 2013 USPSA / IPSC Pistol Match Scores

Great match on Sunday, with the Revo Man stars providing lots of entertainment.

Several new shooters, including Jay Mackey, Sr., from Tulsa, who finally came back to play guns with us.

Tough fight on all stages for first place.  Yuth and Jay, with their open guns, bounced back and forth between first and second place. Billy Smith, who shoots Production most of the time, gave them a real run for the money, shooting a new limited gun for the first time in a number of matches.

The Classifier was perhaps the telling point on the final standings.

Final match results showed Yuth on the top of the stack, with Jay getting close with second, and Billy Smith coming in third.

Someone tell me if Yuth and Jay are not the “Grand Masters” in Classifier Management.  Yuth took First Place Match Overall, yet came in Number 23, out of 44 shooters, in the Classifier.  Jay scored slightly above Youth on the Classifier, coming in at number 22 of 44 shooters, and was Second Place Overall in the match.

I got my old S&W wheel gun out of the back of the closet, brushed off the dust, and had a lot of fun.  Today it is back in the safe, waiting until next January for the next wheel gun match.

Regardless of anything else, it was a fun match last Sunday.  And fun is what this is all about.


January 2013 HG match