Fort Smith, Arkansas

Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I joined the club in any other month than January, when do I need to renew for the next year?

A: Membership is prorated quarterly through the year, but in order to renew and not simply re-join as a new member, you must renew in either December or January


Q: I’d like to join the gun club, but I work or have another obligation during the time of the monthly club meeting.  How do I go about joining?

A: While we truly enjoy meeting our new members and details about the different events at the Old Fort Gun Club are covered at each monthly meeting, we understand sometimes schedules just don’t allow folks to attend so we do provide alternatives:

  1. Your spouse can attend in your place and present your membership application.
  2. Your application can be mailed in and it will be voted on at the next monthly meeting after receiving your application


Q: The only way I can join is to mail in my application.  Where do I need to send it?

A: Old Fort Gun Club, Inc.
P O Box 2833
Fort Smith AR 72913-2833


Q: I have lost my membership card, what do I do?

A: Use the form on the Contact Us page and select “Membership” as your interest and in the Question / Comment field make your request for a new card.


Q: I lost my card, is there a fee to replace it?

A: Yes, replacement cards can be obtained for $5 ea.