Fort Smith, Arkansas



Old Fort Gun Club Rules

  • Use of alcohol and drugs prohibited. Don’t do it!


  • All firearms transported to/from the range must be in a safe unloaded condition.
    Licensed concealed firearm holders may carry, on their person, a loaded firearm in a concealed manner, except if the person is participating in a sporting event. If the holder intends to fire the firearm it must be unloaded prior to entry to the range.
  • When the firing line is made safe, all guns must be made safe!
    (unloaded, actions open,pointed down range,and placed on racks or in appropriate cases).


  • Remain behind the firing line while any firearm is being fired or handled by another.  Do not handle firearms if someone is down range!


  • Everyone at the range has the responsibility for safety. If you see someone acting in an unsafe manner, call a halt to the shooting and caution the person.


  • Youth under 18 years old are not allowed on the firing line without direct adult supervision.
    Safety glasses and hearing protection are required for everyone at all times.
    Small children must be closely supervised at all times.


  • OFGC Membership card/badge must be with you and easily visible by anyone that should approach you. No exceptions — no badge = no shoot!


  • Director’s badges are a different color from member badges.  Spot checks for badges, by directors, can and will occur from time to time.
    All members are required to enforce this rule but please avoid any altercation on the range.


  • Members may bring a local guest to the range one time only.  Local guests must apply for membership before returning to the range.
    Guests must remain with their escorting member at all times
    No restriction on out-of-town guests from over 50 miles away.
    Members may bring visitors, age 17 and under, to the range with no more than two minors on the firing line per adult supervisor.


  • Club provided targets stands are made for pistol and rifle shooting only and NOT for shotgun shooting.


  • Approved targets:
    Paper targets attached to target frame center.
    Do not put targets on frame posts.
    Don’t shoot the posts down!
    Approved metal silhouette targets and stands *Ensure that you are using the properly rated metal target for the caliber firearm you are using*
    Shotgun clay targets.

    Clay targets should never be:
     Mounted to the club target stands
    Hung from club target stands


  • NO incendiary ammunition, tracer rounds, exploding targets or fireworks are allowed at either range. *These are a fire hazard!!!*


  • Non Approved Targets:
    Target Stands Themselves
    Silhouette Target Stands
    “Bouncing” Targets
    “Walking” Targets
    Club Structures: Bathrooms, Buildings, Props, Etc.


  • Shotgun shooting is only allowed on the 100 and 300 yard ranges and the Alma Range.
    The 50 yard range at the River Range may be used with Slugs only.
    If you would like to pattern test your shotgun, please bring your own target and target stand to use and take it back with you when you are finished.


  • The 300 yard range is for 100, 200 and 300 yard shooting only.
    Rounds MUST be fired so that they impact the berm 


  • The pistol bays consist of “Long” bays along the South side of River Range and “Short” bays along the East side of the River Range.
    Please use the bay of appropriate distance for the practice you intend to do


  • If you move the tables or racks at a bay please put them back


  • Do not shoot at anything on the ground, as dangerous ricochets will occur.


  • Targets must be arranged so the rounds impact the berm when shooting.


  • The metal silhouette stands, located on the River Range 100yd range, are for scheduled matches only.
    DO NOT attach targets to or shoot these stands.


  • Trash Barrels NOT FOR burnable items
    Place only trash from the range in these barrels, they are not there to help clean out your vehicle.
    Please do not put unfired or misfired ammunition in barrels.


  • Please take down and throw away all targets you have put up during your time on the range.


  •  Practice courtesy.


  • Range gates and doors should be locked at all times except during DIRECTOR scheduled events.


  • Never leave the gate open when you leave.
  • Never leave the lock hanging with the combination showing. Spin the dials —protect your combination


  • This is a private club for dues paying members only.


  • Matches are open to the public during match time only.


  • Members must have a current membership to the National Rifle Association and report that information to the club secretary.


Violation of these rules


grounds for revocation of membership.


Should you witness one of the club rules being violated please notify a member of the board as soon as possible.

A license plate number and description of the person is all that will be asked of you.

REMEMBER:  We do not want ANYONE to get into an altercation at the range.

Rule Examples

Updated: December 2013