Fort Smith, Arkansas


New Procedure, Range Maintenance Credit


To All Members of Old Fort Gun Club

Your Board of Directors has instituted a new process for documenting your earned credit against your Range Maintenance fee in exchange for work performed for the Club.

Work will still earn a credit of $10 per hours, up to a maximum of 8 hours per year, towards your annual Range Maintenance fee of $80.

In the past, various Directors or supervisors of work at the range have attempted to maintain sign in sheets for volunteer work, or simply kept their own records of time spend by helpers.  This places an additional burden on Directors, who themselves are volunteers.

Effective January 1, 2013, Members who want credit for Range Maintenance work will now assume their own responsibility for keeping up with their work.

The Board has created a Receipt for Volunteer Hours form to be used for all credit claimed for Range Maintenance fees.  Each Director, or others who supervise Range Maintenance work, will have a supply of these forms.  They are the size of one-fourth of a standard sheet of paper, so they are easy to fold and keep in your wallet, or put in an envelope by the phone, or wherever you keep important papers.  These will basically be used as a ‘coupon’ for your work.

Whenever a member performs qualified work, they will receive (and have the responsibility of asking for) one of these coupons.  It will show the members name, the date, work performed and number of hours, will be signed by the director, and returned to the member.

Directors will not keep copies, nor will they maintain individual records of time spent.  It is the responsibility of each member to keep up with their coupons.  At membership renewal time at the end of each year, the member must submit all their coupons along with their membership renewal forms in order to receive credit against Range Maintenance fees.  Credit will only be given for coupons sent in with renewal forms.  A reminder that credits do not carry over to subsequent years.

Old Fort Gun Club is run solely by volunteers.  Directors, and other members, spend many, many hours every year to provide a quality Club, with quality facilities, and quality programs, for the enjoyment of everyone.

A few hours by many results in many fewer hours by the few.  Do your part, and accept the responsibility of maintaining your record of credit.

Crawford County Sheriff’s Department


A couple of years ago, the Old Fort Gun Club board passed a resolution to allow the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department use of our facilities for the training of their officers.  While the department has access to short range practice facilities they lack access to longer range practice areas.  With both Old Fort Gun Club facilities being located in Crawford County this seemed like an ideal opportunity to give back to the community to which we are members.

This resolution allows for the department to train and practice as a whole, though an invitation has been extended to them to join the club so that they may make use of the facilities as individuals and with their families.

Please note that should you approach someone on the range and request to see their membership badge, if their response is that they are members of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department, they may not have club identification but their department ID will suffice.

Inappropriate Targets and Unacceptable Behavior


We cannot continue to break club rules by using inappropriate targets or attaching targets to target frames.  This does nothing more than show disrespect for the Old Fort Gun Club, it’s property and your membership as well as provide numerous safety issues.  When the member is caught breaking these rules, they will be asked to leave the range, their membership revoked and reported to law enforcement as tresspassing should they attempt to return to club property.

PLEASE read the Old Fort Gun Club rules and abide by them.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of the board of directors who will be happy to answer any questions.

Please find below, examples of rule violations that could result in the loss of your membership:


Wrong Targets

What do these two things have in common?

Both were found at the River Range used as targets.

The Club provides members with targets stands. Members can bring a staple gun and paper targets to shoot.

Other stuff that we have found lately that are not approved targets: Tables, chairs, Telephone books, motor blocks, cans, bottles,we can go on for ever.

Waning: ANY member caught doing this or reported doing this will be ask to leave and their membership will be revoked.
If you feel that these are acceptable targets to shoot at on the OFGC ranges, please find another place to shoot and another club to join.

Old Fort Gun Club
Board of Directors