Fort Smith, Arkansas

Range Maintenance

Extra Help Needed!!!


Do you have a chain saw? Can you use extra fire wood? There is a cotton wood tree that was blown down during our last storm that needs to be cleaned up before our big match that is in 2 weeks. The regular volunteers can not get to it taking care of other jobs on the range. Would you be willing to take care of this job? There are also a few dead trees over by Bay 6 by the bathroom that could come down also–but if the big cotton wood can be cleaned up-that sure would help us. Can even get range maintenance toward next year—-$10 an hour credit.

Range Maintenance Opportunities


We will have a work day tomorrow (Tuesday) at the River Range starting at 10:00 AM. Help would be appreciated and a good chance to work off some range maintenance fees.

Another work opportunity will be Thursday afternoon starting at 4:00 PM if the weather permits.

For details or questions contact Bill

Practical Pistol Setup


Looking for an opportunity for Range Maintenance credit.  Practical Pistol will be setting up for their Sunday match on tomorrow, Saturday, starting in the morning at 0900.  Should be finished by noon.  Come out and help, earn RM credit, and get a feel for Practical Pistol

New Procedure, Range Maintenance Credit


To All Members of Old Fort Gun Club

Your Board of Directors has instituted a new process for documenting your earned credit against your Range Maintenance fee in exchange for work performed for the Club.

Work will still earn a credit of $10 per hours, up to a maximum of 8 hours per year, towards your annual Range Maintenance fee of $80.

In the past, various Directors or supervisors of work at the range have attempted to maintain sign in sheets for volunteer work, or simply kept their own records of time spend by helpers.  This places an additional burden on Directors, who themselves are volunteers.

Effective January 1, 2013, Members who want credit for Range Maintenance work will now assume their own responsibility for keeping up with their work.

The Board has created a Receipt for Volunteer Hours form to be used for all credit claimed for Range Maintenance fees.  Each Director, or others who supervise Range Maintenance work, will have a supply of these forms.  They are the size of one-fourth of a standard sheet of paper, so they are easy to fold and keep in your wallet, or put in an envelope by the phone, or wherever you keep important papers.  These will basically be used as a ‘coupon’ for your work.

Whenever a member performs qualified work, they will receive (and have the responsibility of asking for) one of these coupons.  It will show the members name, the date, work performed and number of hours, will be signed by the director, and returned to the member.

Directors will not keep copies, nor will they maintain individual records of time spent.  It is the responsibility of each member to keep up with their coupons.  At membership renewal time at the end of each year, the member must submit all their coupons along with their membership renewal forms in order to receive credit against Range Maintenance fees.  Credit will only be given for coupons sent in with renewal forms.  A reminder that credits do not carry over to subsequent years.

Old Fort Gun Club is run solely by volunteers.  Directors, and other members, spend many, many hours every year to provide a quality Club, with quality facilities, and quality programs, for the enjoyment of everyone.

A few hours by many results in many fewer hours by the few.  Do your part, and accept the responsibility of maintaining your record of credit.

Black Friday Range Maintenance

Save some money while your spouse is spending on the Black Friday sales. We will have a Black Friday work day at the River Range. We plan on painting the block buildings and doing other range work. May be you last chance to work off range maintenance fees for 2013. Come on out and give us a hand.

Range Maintenance Opportunity


Here’s an opportunity to work of range maintanence.


The Arkansas Section Multi gun Championship will be held at our range September 27-30.

We will start construction of the stages on Tuesday, September 25 at 9:00. Extra help is needed on the construction of stages,or help mow and/or help clean up the range for this match.

The range will be closed beginning Wednesday night due to having stages on all areas of the range. Shooting the match should start Thursday afternoon and last through mid afternoon on Sunday.

We have over 100 shooters from over 10 states coming in for this competition. Everyone is welcome to come watch during the match.

Please make sure to bring eye and ear protection.

Maintenance Work Off Opportunity


Another opportunity to work off part of your Range Maintenance fee for next year, and get to know a little more about the workings of some of the shooting sports.

Multi gun match is this Sunday, July 29.  Set up will start for a few hours on Friday, July 27, at 0800.  Set up a few stages, end before it gets hot.  Finish on Saturday, July 28, before it gets hot.

Come out and help, get some credit for next year, and enjoy a day on the Range.

Range Maintenance Opportunity

Want to work off part of your Range Maintenance fee for next year.


Practical Pistol will be setting up stages for their monthly match this weekend.  Set up starts at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning.  We are generally finished by shortly after the lunch hour.


Come out and join us to help and get $10 per hour against your Range Maintenance fee.  Enjoy the company, and learn a little about Practical Pistol


Bruce Bethell