Fort Smith, Arkansas

Range Improvements

River Range Bays 1-7 Closed for 1-2 weeks


Please, take notice of this and help out all members!


Pistol Bays 1 to 7 have been scraped and the back berms raised.  This has resulted in all the sod being taken off the sides and ends of these Bays.

Volunteers have seeded the back part of Bays 1 to 7, but time is needed to allow the grass seed to take hold and grow.

Until further notice, PLEASE do not use pistol Bays 1 to 7.

OK, so you think that you are an exception, and that one person using the Bays won’t hurt.  If everyone thinks like you, then the grass won’t grow, and the Club has to buy more seed, and start over again.  Be considerate.  You are not the only member of this Club.

Please, cooperate with this temporary closure of these bays.  Only a week or two.  There are plenty of other bays available.  If you are using one of these bays during this time, you will be asked to leave the Range.

Check the website at for updates.

Range Maintenance


Over the course of the next couple of months, the board has approved the improvement of sections of the River Range and the Alma Range.  These improvements consist of dirt work to several of the pistol bays and roads at the River Range and roads and parking area at the Alma Range.

The work will be done by contractors and for their safety certain sections of each range or possibly the range as a whole will be closed during these improvements.  We hope that everyone will understand and be patient with us as we work to improve the Old Fort Gun Club facilities.

In order to keep our membership apprised of the current status of the facilities in regards to sections or particular range undergoing maintenance, a new section on the right of our website has been added.  Once a date and time has been set for the contractor to be at the range working we will update this new section with that information and what areas of the facilities it will affect, as well as notify our members by e-mail.

Once again, we would like to thank you all in advance for your patience during this brief time and for helping us to make this one of the best ranges in the state of Arkansas.

Old Fort Gun Club Board of Directors

River Range Work Day June 30th 2012

Many thanks to all who came out to work today. A lot was accomplished and the range looks GREAT!

Progression of the OFGC River Range

Sometimes to know where we’re going,  we have to know where we’ve been!  Whether you’re a new or long time member of the Old Fort Gun Club you may find the progression of satellite photos below from Google Earth to be an interesting example of how the Old Fort Gun Club has improved it’s facilities over the last 18 years.

The improvements you’ll see progress below are in no small part because of:

  1. A dedicated membership providing funding and labor to improve the range
  2. Responsible and dedicated board members who have done and will continue to do their best to be good stewards of the Old Fort Gun Club funds and facilities
  3. COUNTLESS member volunteers who by volunteering allow club funds to go farther and do more than if every project were contracted out.

June 8th 2012 Work Day Results

From our Club President and acting Range Maintenance Director:

My favorite crew showed up today, Debbie, Dale, Paul and Jason.  We got the roof cap installed, picked up all the bad target frames off the bays (see attached picture) and emptied all the trash cans.

GREAT crew to work with.


Old target stands ready to be hauled away!

Raising The Roof OFGC Style!


Today’s work day on the roof is proceeding and a new photo was just sent in.  What a great job the volunteers working at the range today are doing!!! You can see the roofing crew below thanks to Debby who was out there working hard as well, but somebody had to take the picture so she’s behind the lense.

The roof project over the connex trailers is making great strides in progress!!!  We want to give many thanks to those who have volunteered their time and skills for the project so far, but there is still much work to be done.

Want to work off some Range Maintenance fees for next year?  Bill Striplin has a deal for you.

Next Tuesday, May 8, Bill and his small crew will start working on putting the tin roof on the cover between the two trailers at Bay 1 on the pistol bays.  They need some help.

Bill will start work at 0600 on Tuesday morning.  Get the work done before the tin roof gets hot.

Please, come out and help is you can.