Fort Smith, Arkansas


CASA September Match Announcement

Just a reminder that our CASA USPSA September match will be held on the second Sunday of September instead of the first to avoid the Labor Day weekend.  We have six (6) stages planned but we may only run five (5) depending on the HEAT INDEX.  If we run all six the minimum round count is  147 so bring enough ammo to shoot all six and you will be OK.  As always set up will be Saturday September 8 at 0830 and we hope you will be able to come out and help with that.  Sign-in will be Sunday September 9, 2012 beginning at 0830.  Our shooters meeting will start at 0900 and shooting will start immediately following the shooters meeting.  We will tear down the stages immediately following the match so please stick around for that.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.  So come on out and have some fun with us.  See you on the range.

Hillbilly Classic at CASA November 4th

CASA is giving everyone a heads up, the Hillbilly Classic is set for Sunday, November 4.  We don’t have the stages yet, but here is the application.

This is what we are planning:

7 or 8 stages of Fun and Gun without a classifier.  A great catered lunch again with catfish and chicken strips with all the extras.  We will score the match using Practiscore and the scores should be printed minutes after the match is over.

This is a level one match and is a bragging rights only match, no cash payback this year.  We will raffle at least one, maybe two XDm Competition 5.25”.  You have the choice of a 9mm or .40 cal.

When the stages are done, I’ll send those out.


CASA USPSA Match This Saturday

It’s that time again,  USPSA at CASA is this Sunday.  We will be starting 1 hour earlier this month in an attempt to get the match in during the “cooler” morning hours.  We will have 5 stages of fire requiring 118 rounds minimum to complete.  This sounds short but I think that everyone will get all of the shooting in that they can enjoy.  As always we will be setting up the match Saturday morning at 0830 and request that you come on out and lend a hand.  Sign in will be 0830 Sunday morning with the shooters meeting at 0900.  Shooting will start immediately following the meeting.  Teardown will be immediately after the match concludes and your participation will be greatly appreciated.  So come on out and shoot with us.

August 2012 Match

Just a note to give you all a heads up,  Our September match will be held on the second Sunday, 9/9/2012,  instead of the normal first Sunday, 9/2/2012, to avoid the Labor Day weekend.  So mark your calendars.  See you on the range.

CASA USPSA Classifier Match

CASA USPSA Special Classifier Match

It’s time for CASA’s special USPSA classifier match this Sunday 7/1. We will have 5 classifier stages and 1 fun stage for 100 rounds total. Weather is calling for 100*+ temps so please hydrate well. I will be setting up the match starting at 0800 Saturday morning and would appreciate all the help I could get. It should be an easy set up with minimal props but the help would make it quicker and easier. Please note new Sunday start time of 0900 with sign-in being 0830. As always help with tear-down following the match would be appreciated as we all want to get home to the A/C and our families.

USPSA Arkansas Section Handgun Championship

Congratulations to all the members of the Old Fort Gun Club who competed in the Arkansas Section Handgun Championship June 1,2 and 3 at the CASA Range.  The Old Fort Gun Club had quite the representation and a great time was had by all.  We would also like to thank the Central Arkansas Shooters Association range for hosting the event and providing an enjoyable and safe event.  For more information and to see the match results please follow the link below.

Arkansas Section Handgun Championship Match and Results


Arkansas Section Handgun Championship


Next big match in Arkansas is the Arkansas Section Handgun Championship, at CASA the first weekend in June.  This match is filling up quickly, so get your entry in soon.  You can find the entry form below, as well as has entry forms and stages.  Great prize table, with lots of guns and other good stuff.  Report as of today is 92 shooters, and will probably be capped at 125.