Fort Smith, Arkansas

2014 USPSA Revolver Friendly Match


It is finally here  —  The Annual Old Fort Gun Club Six Round Neutral Revolver Friendly Match (also known as the OFGCSRNRFM) !


That’s the Good News.  Now the Bad News.  Just to get you in the mood to drag out the revolver, you have to tolerate my traditional, and admittedly feeble, attempt at song parody.


You of course remember the song “Love Potion # 9,”  first recorded by The Clovers in 1959, then taken to Number 3 on the Chart in 1965 by The Searchers.  The original started out something like this:


I took my troubles down to Madame Ruth,

You know that gypsy with the gold cap tooth ….



Now that you have the tune in your head, here is the latest version:



I took my troubles to the Revo Man,

The guy who reloads using either hand.

He’s got a gun that runs just very fine,

Load it to the max then, 6 good shots every time.


I said I wasn’t makin’ hits,

My Match Points have just hit the pits.

I said that my Glock just didn’t have the feel,

He said, “Watcha’ ya’ need is,,, a handgun with a wheel.”


He sat down and turned around and gave me a grin,

He said “A different semi will not help you my frien’.”

He opened up a web site and said “These guns are slick.”

I held my nose, I closed my eyes,,, I made a ‘click.’


He said that moon clips are the way to go.

Speed loaders work, but they are way too slow.

He looked at my hands and said “Jerry’s grips are fine.”

So now I am shooting – Smith ‘N Wesson 6-4-9.


(and you thought Water Boarding was torture!)


OK.  Here are the details on the match this Sunday, Jan. 19.

Six stages, with round count of 162.  Classifier is a new one, CM 13-01.  Everything is six round friendly.  You are not required to dig out the wheel gun, but anyone shooting a bottom feeder is prohibited from laughing at those of use with the pure gumption to make a fool our ourselves, me included.

If you claim you don’t have a functioning revolver, at least join in the fun and shoot something different.  Leave the Open and Limited gun at home, and bring out the Single Stack.  Not quite as much fun to watch, but interesting nonetheless.  Whatever you want to shoot, but come join the match and watch the fun.

Sign in at 0930, Shooters Meeting around 1000.  Then watch me try to use speed loaders, and have more laughs than a good evening at Saturday Night Live.

Hope to see all this Sunday.


‘Pump Daddy’ turned to ‘Revo Man’